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I’m Tomás Fernandes, a computer scientist at the University of Warwick.

I’m particularly interested in distributed systems and advancements towards more general-purpose machine learning models (see the Perceiver). More recently, I’ve also developed an interest in graph and time-series databases, and machine learning on graphs.

Last summer, I was a software engineering intern in the Manhattan team at Twitter (Twitter’s real-time, multi-tenant distributed database), my first experience with large-scale distributed systems spanning multiple data-centers and tens of thousands of nodes. This experience shaped my interest in distributed systems and databases, leading to my first talk “Making Servers Gossip”.

In my spare time, I build projects to explore my interests and new technologies - see more.

You can reach me at contact (at) tomff (dot) com.

Tomás Fernandes
Tomás Fernandes
Computer Scientist at University of Warwick